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Root Still

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When she sees across
Love sprouts in the air
And as a tree I root still.


Written by 1lazy

September 4, 2014 at 8:46 am

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A few lines

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I die to burn to be the ash 
The vanity of thy body Yogini!
You die to be the perpetual fire
To be my offering to be my chant.

I talked about flowers, the breeze, the lyrics and the meters
She listened attentively to me
And silenced me with a sigh – just tell you love me!

…all I said this evening
just to say which I never ever said
I hate you!


… when there’ll be call you set out at once
You are the yatcht, the river and the sail
I know only to sing the songs of sweat


I’ll die the instant
You aye to be my fire wood
Could’nt in life, in death I caress you

I bloomed and you said let slumber be
I fell asleep only to know after awakening
There was union and you no more

Nothing is more than the first kiss
Nothing is less than the tears after
These evaporate so soon, that lingers so long.


I don’t know, ugly or beauty you are
I have never seen your face my love
You’re water mirror Narcissus I am

I remove my veil my love!
But do not say after it
That I have no face.

O the longing!
It comes uninvited
And remains the guest forever.

Neither I deserve your friendship nor your love.
And that is the real bliss still
That I’m in love with you, the only one.

… I have sold myself to you though you were not the buyer.
Come now, sit by my side if you wish to reconcile, the given, the taken.
I pray your Maths be good.


Written by 1lazy

November 30, 2013 at 9:37 pm

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